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Definition Of Calibration

Definition of calibration according to ISO / IEC Guide 17025:2005 and the International Vocabulary of Metrology ( VIM ) is a series of events that make up the relationship between values indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system , or values represented by a material measure , with values already known relating of magnitudes measured under certain conditions . In other words , the calibration is to determine the activity of conventional truth value designation of measuring instruments and measuring ingredients by comparing against standard measuring mamputelusur ( traceable ) to a national standard for the unit of measure and / or internationally.

The purpose of calibration is to achieve traceability of measurement . The measurement results can be linked / traced up to a higher standard / researching ( primary standards and national / international ) , through an unbroken series of comparisons .

Benefits calibration is as follows :

  • To support the quality system is implemented in a variety of industries in the laboratory and production equipment owned.
  • By performing the calibration , we know how much difference ( deviation ) between the true price with the price indicated by the measuring instrument .

The basic principle of calibration :

  • Object Measure ( Unit Under Test )
  • Measure Standards ( equipment calibration standards , procedures / standards METRODE ( Refer to international calibration standard or procedure which is independently developed by the laboratory which has been tested ( verified ) )
  • Operator / Technician ( Required operators / technicians who have the technical ability of calibration ( certified ) )
  • Which is conditioned environment ( temperature and humidity are always controlled , external disturbances always minimized environmental factors and sources of measurement uncertainty )

Calibration results include:

  • Object Value Measure
  • Correction Value / Deviation
  • Value Measurement Uncertainty ( amount of errors that may occur in the measurement , evaluated after the work is measured and the true uncertainty analysis taking into account all sources of uncertainty in the comparison method used and the amount of errors that may occur in the measurement )
  • Other metrological properties such as calibration factors , the calibration curve .

TUR ( Test Uncertainty Ratio ) is the ratio between the uncertainty characteristics ( specified ) of the instrument is calibrated against uncertainty kalibratornya instrument ( instrument specifications can be regarded as the greatest uncertainty )

Calibration interval :

  • Calibration should be done periodically
  • Calibration interval is influenced by the type of measuring instrument , frequency of use , and maintenance .

Can be expressed in several ways :

  • With calendar time ( 1 year , etc. )
  • With the use of time ( 1,000 hours of use , etc. )
  • The combination of the first and the second way , which one first tgt achieved

Calibration in Indonesia consists of :

  1. Technical calibration , calibration of measuring equipment that is not directly related to world trade and carried out by an accredited calibration laboratory KAN ( nationally recognized ).
  2. Legal calibration , calibration of measuring equipment is for the purposes of trade and carried out by the Directorate of Metrology - Ministry.

source : KIM LIPI

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