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Benefits of Calibration

Talking about the benefits of better calibration if we directly present the case study directly.

Like friends know this calibration activity is to ensure that it is actually something that we measure is true or not, in the sense that what is not traceable.

Now let 's suppose a bit what is the impact of improper measurement.

The first example :

Of course my friends are already familiar with what the credit card. We also know that the credit card we can use not only in our own country but throughout the world.

And of course, we can also imagine if the manufacturer of the credit card with the credit card producing random measurements. The impact could be the credit card can not we use.

Other examples :

A bridge is predicted to collapse in 50 years due to the contractor in the making already measuring the strength of the bridge as well as the pressure load to be borne by the bridge for 50 years.

Suddenly the new 10 -year bridge collapsed after it turns traced back to the time of measurement, a tool used to measure the correction factor already has a large and not known for never calibrated periodically.

2 is an illustrative example may explain the importance of calibration in an industry.

Here is a picture I got from the internet about the accident in Chile caused due to measurement error.

Bencana di Chili

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