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Test Equipment Maintenance

"Prevention is better than cure", I think it is very fitting adage to treat us in a measurement tool in our company.

Inevitably, routine maintenance costs are generally less than the cost of repairs if there is damage to the measuring instrument we especially if the improvements made in other companies also will take a long time.

Just sharing the experience, first time working in a manufacturing company ( sorry I did not mention his name ) there is a balance that I have suffered damage, after traced, it is just a matter of burning fuse. And we can guess, the replacement may not be more than half an hour. But because the procedure of the supplier that is certainly beyond the authority of the new scales where we can take the full payment system then inevitably we too have to go through the procedures of our company.

And finally the new scales we can take 1 month later so it can be concluded that the maintenance and repair should be carried out by our own company before done by outsiders.

In essence maintenance measuring tool aims to maintain the smooth running and testing / calibration to provide the level of accuracy and precision are precisely and maintains its function seseai standards.

Routine maintenance can also prevent any damage to the instruments, thereby reducing the risk of declining performance / out of tolerance limits.

A company must have a measuring instrument maintenance program to prevent equipment failure and ensure that the work equipment in accordance with the reliability that is required for the quality of test / calibration desired.

Maintenance frequency measuring devices are usually based on the equipment manufacturer's recommendations, the amount / timing of use of equipment, and when generating data that are considered suspicious.
Test Equipment Maintenance Program Includes :

  1. Schedule planned maintenance including calibration schedule.
  2. It matters relating to parts that must be maintained.
  3. If done by the company itself then it must be carried out by competent personnel using procedures / work instructions specified.
  4. Records needed for example : preventive maintenance, damage, disruption, repair, modification, etc.

I Hope useful.

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